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    so i’m watching the Red Bull Training Grounds and a thought occurred to me: what if there was an Off-Season for SC2?

    it’s increasingly hard to watch everything SC2 related. between the multiple leagues, LAN Events, Team Leagues, Training Camps, etc. it’s hard to find time to even play the game! the issue here is oversaturation and while it’s great to be able to tune into an SC2 stream about 16 hours of any given day, i feel there needs to be some moderation.

    now, as complicated a game as SC2 is, the players need to constantly be playing to keep their skills sharp. what i’m suggesting isn’t a full stop on the leagues and tournaments but more of a cycle of sorts. hear me out…

    January is the pre-season for WCS Spring, things like qualifiers and training camps would take place during that month, perhaps even Show Matches between teams. mid-February to mid-April they’ll run WCS Spring (Premier + Challenger Leagues) with the Season Finals at the end of the month. May through August would be the Off-Season, where events like MLGsDreamHacks, HomeStory CupsGSTLs and of course Red Bull Training Grounds would take place, as well as WCS QualifiersSeptember would start up WCS Fall and it’d go on through November with the season finals and the Grand Finals at BlizzCon soon thereafter. December would be a month of pure fun and relaxation! imagine your favorite players participating in 2v2s, Monobattles, Off-Race and All-Star Tournaments…what if:

    • the best Protoss players formed an All-Star Team to face against a team of Zergs and a team of Terrans?
    • there were a way to award someone with the best unit control in the world? the best macro in the world?
    • we got an MTV Cribs but for Team Houses? or other shows that bring their favorite Pro Gamers closer to their audience?
    • Iron Squid were the Olympics of eSports?

    then everyone has a Happy New Year and it’d start all over again in January.

    what the Off-Season would provide is time off, obviously. i feel that players, coaches and also the production teams need a break just like any other job—at the very least they should have the option to do so. besides some valuable downtime, Blizzard could be tweaking the game and implementing any patch changes during that time. i could see Pro Gaming Teams picking up and trading players. and yes, the players could choose to travel around and participate in the various tournaments/team leagues/training camps, for glory and for those delicious WCS Points.

    i know. things cannot be as simple as i’ve described but surely, SURELY, the many organizations involved in the StarCraft 2 Eco System could set their individual agendas aside for betterment of improving SC2 as an eSportthere are many serious conversations that go WAY beyond my pay grade but i hope that the people who are in power are keeping these things in mind. -J.A

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